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Oral Appliance Therapy can be used to prevent the tongue from dropping back and blocking the airway. If you have Sleep Apnea and are snuggling with a CPAP, Drs Allyson & Jason Drew can make a custom appliances, specific to your mouth.

If you or someone you love is suffering the effects of an obstructed airway during sleep, your risk of developing potentially serious health conditions is increased.

Hypertension, diabetes, Asthma, chronic allergies, headaches, anxiety, depression, daytime drowsiness, hypothyroidism, snoring, obesity, Phibro myalgia, attention deficit, aggression, chronic pain.
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CPAP Alternatives Aptos

Oral Appliance AptosTreatments for sleep apnea depend on the severity of each individual case, and the type of apnea. Basic treatment can be behavioral — for instance, patients are instructed to lose weight if overweight, stop smoking if a smoker, or sleep on their sides instead of on their backs to prevent the tongue from blocking their airway. Myofunctional Therapy are exercises to strengthen muscles of tongue, soft palate, head and neck to help keep the airway open. At Drew Dental we will go over these exercises with you or can refer you to a local Myofunctional Therapist.

Oral Appliance Therapy can be used to prevent the tongue from dropping back and blocking the airway. If you have Sleep Apnea and are snuggling with a CPAP, Dr. Drew can make a custom appliances, specific to your mouth.

Oral appliances are the devices worn in the mouth while sleeping that reposition the lower jaw and tongue to help open the airway. This is accomplished by tensing the muscles that support the airway, which in turn opens or dilates the airway so air can freely move in and out without resistance or obstruction.

Advantages of these appliances:

  • Posterior support to protect the TMJs
  • Ability to manage teeth grinding
  • Freedom of jaw movement with use
  • Easily modified to accommodate dental work
  • Does not lock or hold the jaw in a set position
  • Helps keep the airway open by preventing the jaw and tongue from falling back during sleep
  • Improves nasal breathing


CPAP Aptos

CPAP is a device prescribed by your sleep medical doctor. After a sleep study, one of the first treatments many patients try is a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device. It works by wearing a mask connected to the CPAP machine that provides a constant flow of air that opens your throat, preventing the soft tissue from clasping and triggering an apnea event. While CPAP is one of the most popular options available, there are other solutions for treating obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

While the CPAP mask has become the quintessential treatment for sleep apnea, it can be uncomfortable for some patients. If you’ve been prescribed a CPAP and you find that it is difficult to wear throughout the night, you are not alone.

This is an extremely common issue for patients. The great news is that there are a variety of CPAP alternatives that comfortably and effectively treat obstructive sleep apnea.

Ask Drs Jason and Allyson Drew about if a custom Oral Appliance will work for you.

In more severe cases of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, surgery may be an option.

ProSomnus® Sleep and Snore Device

CPAP Alternatives Oral Appliance Aptos

A Comfortable Alternative

ProSomnus makes next generation, precision Sleep Apnea Devices. Our goal is to enable dentists to create better treatment experiences for people suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Snoring. Utilizing our patented, FDA-cleared, advanced technologies, ProSomnus Sleep Apnea and Snoring Devices are effective, comfortable, safe and easy.

You want to be and feel your best. You exercise. You go to bed at a decent time. You even take the time to shop for good, fresh foods and prepare body-boosting meals for your family.

But if you aren’t getting the right kind of rest, no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, you just aren’t going to be your best self. In fact, if you snore or have sleep apnea, you might not just be missing sleep, you might be missing oxygen as well – and that is bad news for you – and those around you.

Sleep Apnea

Drs Allyson and Jason Drew feel so strongly that knowledge and action can improve and save lives that they are offering a individual 30 minute consultation on sleep breathing disorders. Whether it’s loud snoring or other sleep apnea symptoms, make sure you are not at risk for this very treatable, potentially life threatening condition. Learn more about sleep apnea and get all of your questions answered. We have a limited number of consultation times available, so schedule yours as soon as possible.

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